About Us

NoCheapTraffic has one clear goal – to convince governments to redirect a small portion of their digital advertising budget towards non-targeted web traffic. The aim is to drive out toxic advertisers, while boosting the efficiency of governmental online campaigns for social causes.

NoCheapTraffic doesn’t stand to profit from this and is not related to any middle men, such as ad networks and ad publishers who profit from such online advertising regardless.

Meet the Team

Kalin Karakehayov

Domain name expert
Entrepreneur and creator of NoCheapTraffic

Kalin Karakehayov is the man behind NoCheapTraffic. He is a Bulgarian tech entrepreneur, known for finding loopholes and unexpected opportunities in rigid web structures. He has 15 years of experience in the digital marketing space. As the founder of Edoms, a prominent domain name company with 100+ employees, he’s had over 700,000 domains pass through his hands and has gained a unique, behind-the-scenes insight into the World Wide Web. 

The concept of NoCheapTraffic first occurred to Kalin in 2021, after 5 years of publisher experience monetizing traffic from parked domains

Between zero click ad networks, predatory industries and tons and tons of poorly utilised web traffic, he saw an opportunity how this multi-million-dollar business model could become a force for good.

Kalin Karakehayov, Creator of NoCheapTraffic

Head of Content

Gloria Kostadinova, Head of Content for NoCheapTraffic
Gloria Kostadinova

UX/UI Designer

Boryana Krasimirova, UX/UI designer for NoCheapTraffic
Boryana Krasimirova

CBT Consultant

Demia Radeva, Consultant for NoCheapTraffic
Demia Radeva