cheap traffic
in your country

Cheap web traffic and malicious online advertising
go hand in hand.

Cheap traffic is so cheap that…

If you wanted to buy all of Canada’s pop-ad traffic
from 1 provider for a year
it would cost only $122,136.
For that sum, you get 75,190,000 impressions – that’s
enough for every person in Canada to see your ad twice.

In the 2021/22 fiscal year,
the Ontario local government alone spent a total of
$10.85 million on digital ads on Google and social media.

A small redistribution of funds from your government advertising budget
can solve the crisis of predatory online ads.

Why governments?
Government advertising is unique in 4 ways:

  • Broad and valuable messages that suit
    non-targeted traffic
  • Websites with independent authority (.gov)
  • Relatively steady monthly budgets
  • Prioritize positive social impact

This means governments can benefit from cheap traffic where other advertisers could not.

Selling low-price Internet traffic to low-quality advertisers (online scams, misinformation, gambling) is a nearly invisible multi-million dollar industry with an enormous societal impact.

And the most important thing governments need to know about it is – how easy it would be to change it.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with or promoting any ad networks. We are also not for or against a particular business model. NoCheapTraffic aims to explain a seemingly complex digital service and its effects to those who stand to benefit the most.

How to raise the price of traffic in your country
and drive out low quality advertisers

1. Choose a traffic provider

4,716,400 potential advertisers visit these ad networks every month.

Why shouldn’t government advertising be one of them? Any time you place an ad, you will displace one that is likely predatory, shady or malicious.


2. Select a GEO (your country)

Once you pick an advertising network, select the location of the traffic you’d like to bid for.
Bidding for your country’s cheap traffic will eventually result in outcompeting other, low-quality advertisers and raise the price for entering the market.

3. Choose a type of advertisement

For a world with no cheap traffic, quality advertisers would eventually have to raise the price of all types of ad visits and impressions, in order to ward off malicious advertisers. Because behind any borderline-legal scam or predatory product offer is, at the end of the day, just a business with a balance sheet.
That is why we believe governments should balance their budgets between all three kinds of traffic from their country.

4. Choose a budget

Minimum: The minimum deposit in most cheap web traffic providers is $100.


What would it cost to instantly raise the price of traffic in your country?

For this approximate daily budget, you’d be the highest bidder for pop traffic in your country. That means you’d instantly begin to outcompete predatory ads like gambling bonuses, shady trading offers, unregulated product ads and borderline-legal scams.

5. Create your ad

Your new, cheaper online ad doesn’t necessarily require a different design from other digital content your government advertises. 

The only difference is now, you get to double down on your messaging – because everything costs a fraction of what it does on Google, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Use this opportunity to have as much impact on your fellow citizens as possible.

Unlike other complex issues,
for harmful online advertising
there is a straighforward solution.